Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday, 04/16/11 More Shoes

In the 11th hour as I was on verge of having to run barefoot, the call came to come pick up some new test shoes....  Here are the latest ones on the shelf:

NB 915.  Though it looks sleek, this is certainly not a "Tony" NB shoe.  It is very sturdy and has the most beefy rock plate I have ever seen and it feels a bit stiff underfoot (and in hand).  It does have great traction though and is comfortable (though it is a bit voluminous and somewhat long for my usual 9.5).

Tecnica Diablo Sprint.  Reasonably light, great feel and traction (although they skate a lot bit on wet rock).  Stability and protection are good without feeling klunky.  Has a good "rocker" action, somewhat like the Hokas and I feel almost as tall in them as I would with a Hoka.

Brooks Glycerin 9.  Just got these yesterday and have not done more than walk around in them a bit.  I really like Brooks shoes and this model is no exception.  This might be the most plush and cush non-Hoka shoe I have ever worn, but in a good way.  It is a road shoe, but I think will do well on the trail.  This shoe will be released on June 1st rumor has it, so put your order in now!

Scarpa Blitz Boa.  I have snubbed my nose at these (even for free) a few times, but after just casually wearing them around, I am impressed with the fit and comfort.  Might end up being more of a casual day to day shoe, or a hiking/walking shoe though.

Zoot OTEC.  Another tri geek shoe (sorry JP/Lucho, but I say that with love and respect ;)).  Light, comfortable, good ventilation.  Not sure why Zoot makes different models, they are all the same to me, just different color/styling/laces....

Had not run in these as of my last shoe post, but this shoe is EPIC!  The fit is unbelievable and the traction on dry or wet rock is unmatched.  The perfect shoe for something scrambly like Longs where you are running for a long time and then scrambling on polished rock.  This runs like a real running shoe and scrambles like an approach shoe or maybe even a climbing shoe.  I HIGHLY recommend them if you do "adventure runs".


  1. I HIGHLY recommend them if you do "adventure runs"

    Hah. I dunno why, but I feel this may be the smallest market niche in the world. It just seems like 99% of the people who run Barr Trail down here are scared of scrambling, and 99% of the mountaineers and scramblers (or at least Colorado-type ones) scoff at the idea of running.

    Not that I'm complaining!

  2. I screwed up my heel a long time back with a heel mounted BOA. That side mount looks interesting.

  3. Serious shoe envy! ....and I've never worn a Zoot! Currently run in two different Montrails and Nikes Lunars.