Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday, 04/16/11 Green

I was hoping to get out for a lap on Green with GZ and Footfeathers as they were running four three laps in lieu of a RRR run, but I ended up getting out later than I had hoped (but was still really stoked to get an opportunity to get out and enjoy a fine Spring day).  I put in a last minute call to Homie (that's how I roll nowadays that I have kids), figuring that he was probably long gone on Pikes or Green already, but fortunately, he too was slow to get out the door and was hanging out at home looking to get outside.

We met at the Gregory lot around 11:30am and headed up Gregory at a casual pace and soon bumped into Tim and then George who was not far behind as they were finishing up their final lap.  We chatted for a while, almost talking them into a fourth lap, but they needed to get home unfortunately.  Homie and I continued on and opted for Long Canyon since we had a bit of time and I was without Sierra.  Long lived up to it's namesake as usual, but I was really enjoying it with the warm sun, fresh snow and the great company of Homie.

Headed to the summit via W. Ridge and made the summit in about 1:03 I think (not including the social stop), spent a few minutes on top, then, against the advice of GZ and FF, took a chance and headed down the front.  It was snowy, but it was melting a bit and though caution was necessary, it was not too bad (especially with the gnarly traction the La Sportiva Crosslite 2.0s provide).  Not surprisingly, it was a great day out and great to catch up with Homie as it had been a while.  The achilles felt pretty good and though I was eager to push harder, I think it was helpful to continue to go easy on it.

Up:  Gregory/Long/W. Ridge 1:03
Down:  Greenman/Saddle/Amphi  24

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