Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday, 05/13/11 S. Mesa TH to Shadow Canyon

5.35 miles/1,085 vert./57:27  Garmin data

Had a great baby jogger run with Amelie and Isabelle up the Mesa Trail/Shadow Canyon trail to the mouth of Shadow.  It was a perfect day, warm but not too warm, clear, no wind and fresh from the previous rain/snow.  They truly seemed to enjoy it, as they were awake the whole time babbling, laughing and taking in the new surroundings.  We spent a good 15 minutes or so at the creek crossing at the mouth of Shadow just hanging out and laughing, they were being really cute. 

Getting the jogger up the well graded but sometimes steep trail turned out to be easier than I thought (though I was going pretty easy), but will certainly be a killer workout if I put a bit more into it.  It is 2.4 miles each way and it took 32 to go up and 17 to get back (not including a side diversion on the Mesa Trail at the Mesa/Shadow jct.). 

I plan to start doing this route with them more often and hopefully a bit quicker, perhaps doing 2-3 laps to get in some vertical.  It is also (as Lucho has stated) a great core and power workout pushing that extra 65 lbs (and growing) up the hill and is also a good speed workout keeping up with it on the way back down (averaged sub 7 pace on the lower section without trying and being on the brake a good bit).  I just need to get a good piece of webbing to wrap around my waist, as I don't entirely trust the wrist leash for this sort of thing (although I double loop it around my wrist for good measure).

Bear and SoBo from low on the Mesa Trail

Isabelle (l), Amelie (r)

Testing a pair of Brooks Ghost 4 GTX (Gore Tex) shoes

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