Saturday, May 14, 2011

05/15/11 Weekly Wrap Up

All in all a good week as far as fun goes.  The achilles is still up and down (more down than up), but my most recent 2 runs were very encouraging (though I know to not get too excited about it yet).

Monday, 05/09/11 Green Mountain Up/down Amphi/Saddle/Greenman, 4 miles/2282 vert./58:47 (36:32up) Garmin data

Was slow to warm up, but after the Saddle Rock/Greenman jct., I was starting to feel almost good (probably because it is flat for a bit). The upper section of Greenman felt really easy and although I was not pushing, I felt as though I was moving reasonably efficient and was positive that I was going quicker than my 35:19 ascent last Wednesday (though I never looked at the watch after noticing an equal 20:50 split at the SR/Greenman jct.). I was expecting to see at least low 35 on my watch, maybe even upper 34, but was shocked to see 36:32. Oh well, no wonder it felt easy, because I was actually going easy.

I wore my Hoka Mafates and it was my intent to make up some time on the descent. I moved pretty well on the upper 2/3, but on the lower section my achilles was feeling gimpy, probably from stepping down the larger steps and my pace slowed significantly. Though I was slower on the up than last Weds., I took a minute off the RT which was a bit of consolation.

I have to say the Mafates felt better today than I remember and did not feel bulky at all on the up. They are so cush and stable on the down, I love how they just absorb the impact and leave my feet and joints feeling relatively unaffected afterwards. I am starting to think this shoe is a front runner pick for the PPM, with the Bondi B in close second. I keep thinking a lighter, faster feeling shoe will be better, maybe for the up, but I don't really go that fast on the up anyways and I theorize that the well padded shoe will pay off on that 13 mile descent.

Tuesday, 05/10/11 Off, work, family obligations etc...

Wednesday, 05/11/11 See Tuesday, but add in bad weather (I wanted to go, but it was 8pm before I could and it was Boulder or watching TV, so I went with watching TV instead).

Thursday, 05/12/11 Bear/SoBo 7.44 miles/3,221 vert./3:24 Garmin Data

Blog entry

Friday, 05/13/11 S. Mesa/Shadow Canyon baby jogger run.  5.35 miles/1,085 vert./57:27 Garmin data

Blog entry

Saturday, 05/14/11 Green/Bear/SoBo  10.67 miles/4,486 vert./2:22:05 Garmin data

The weather was rainy and wet, in the mid 40's down low and probably in the mid to upper 30's up high, but this was probably the best run I have had in longer than I can remember.  Though my achilles was a touch stiff and I was just slightly aware, it did not bug me once ascending or descending which was very encouraging.
Started a bit before 11am from Cragmoor, headed up Shanahan to Mesa and hung a right, intending to get in Green Mountain first as it would be more runnable and less steep.  Got to the Bear Canyon junction in 15:5? and then got into a good groove, moving well, but pacing myself for the multiple peaks to come.  Passed the Bear W. Ridge jct. in 37:4?, 4 way in 50:13 and the summit of Green in 54:05. 

The trip over to Bear went smooth and felt like a nice cruise for the most part and I made the summit in a decent 37:18 all things considered.  There were some lingering patches of snow on the upper sections of trail on Bear and S. Boulder which slowed things down some, along with the wet rocks and constantly dirty soles.  11:27 to SoBo, 11:13 back to Bear, then a cautious 28 minutes even back to the Cragmoor TH (from the true summit).

I wore shorts, a few layers up top (with a hood), gloves and my New Balance 915s and was dressed just right for the pace I was going.  Any slower though and I would have froze as I was soaked to the bone.  The 915s performed great, excellent comfort, stability, protection and traction in the various conditions I encountered.

Sunday, 05/15/11 S. Boulder Creek/Bobolink Trail  5.01 miles/85 vertical/50:34 Garmin Data

After work run with Allison, Sierra and the girls.  Not a very streamlined run, as we learned that dogs are not allowed on the S. Boulder Creek Trail South of South Boulder road which was kind of a bummer.  Easy run, lots of pauses because of the dog, babies and not really being committed to a route.

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