Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday, 05/12/11 Bear/S. Boulder Peak

(Edit:  I wanted to post this yesterday before dinner, but Blogger has been crapped out until just now)

Allison's mom and dad offered to come watch the twins so we could get out for most of the day on our own, so we jumped at the opportunity.  Headed up Bear and S. Boulder via the Homestead Trail since we had Sierra and took it super easy.  It was raining, but we were excited to get up higher and see the fresh snow that had been falling on the peaks and it was a great day for picture taking.  As soon as we started to see snow at around 6,500 feet, Sierra became a puppy again and went absolutely nuts once we got into the deeper stuff.  I am guessing there was 8-10 inches of very wet and slushy snow (if it had been cold fluffy snow there probably would have been around 2 feet).  I was quite pleased to have made first tracks on both peaks, even at the late hour of ~3pm. 

Tested a new pair of (not yet available) Saucony Progrid Razor 2 shoes that I picked up the previous day (perfect timing).  Hands down the best shoes I have ever used for these conditions, amazing traction, comfortable, nimble, stable, great rock protection and the E-vent outer layer/gaiter kept my feet perfectly dry after submerging them is slush and creeks all day.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story....

I love this stuff...

Never has a dog been happier

These shoes rock

Plenty of trailbreaking to be had, my favorite




Bear Peak

Sierra taking in the views on Bear

Shortcut on the West side of Bear

Looking toward start of Bear W. Ridge


If anyone at Saucony wants some great promo shots, I have a few

Allison taking care to not break a shin

We were very lucky to get a few minutes of cloud parting.  Simply epic.

Starr Peak and Lucho's house

Bear Peak making a brief appearance.

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