Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday, 06/10/11 Green Mountain

6.69 miles/2,463 vert./1:16 RT (51:42 up) Garmin Data

Met up with Scott J at the Gregory lot and headed up Gregory/Long Canyon/W. Ridge.  Scott and I talked the whole way up, but I was at my max conversation pace much of the time aside from a few rollers on W. Ridge.  Bumped into GZ at the 4-way jct. (planned) and we continued on to the top together, where we hung out for 6:57 (forgot to stop my GPS watch after I took a split).  Lot's to chat about and catching up to do with both Scott and GZ, great company on a great day.  The trip down I got a pretty good cramp in my abdomen and was having trouble holding pace, which seemed fast for some reason (even though it was 2-3 minutes slower than normal "fast" pace).  I think it had to do with talking, the cramp and maybe still feeling my long day at altitude on Weds. (even though that was a slow day).

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  1. Good seeing you! Keep running with Scooter and me and we will get you in the short shorts no shirt running club.