Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday, 06/11/11 Eben G to Chautauqua

~7.5 miles/1,200 vert./1:18 (as per Rob's Garmin Data, as my 305 had a dead battery even though I was sure it was fully charged)

The girls and I met up with fellow blogger Rob Timko and his wife Laurie (who recently moved here from NJ) at Eben G. Fine Park for a mostly casual run up to Chautauqua/Enchanted Mesa/Bluebell Road.  This might become a staple jogger run for getting in some vertical as it is smooth (paved or smooth gravel), though next time I may add on Sanitas Valley, or do this route twice (depending on how long the girls can hold out).

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  1. If by mostly casual you mean mostly tempo for this sea-level flat-lander rube...