Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday, 07/03/11 The Rest of the Week

On Monday I ran Green with soon to be 8th place at the Leadville Heavy Half Marathon Brandon and felt pretty crappy, I tried to pass it off on the heat or smoke or something, but I was getting sick and was in denial.

Tues:  Nothing, felt lousy, but was still somewhat in denial.

Weds:  Even less, felt a lot worse.  Went home from work early, slept a few hours, ate dinner, then slept 12 hours.

Thurs:  Better in the morning, but felt worse as the day went on.

Fri:  Local 7.51 miles/266 vert./57:13/155 avg. HR/7:37 pace

Low on energy throughout the day, but by 5:00pm or so, cabin fever got the best of me.  Loaded the girls into the Chariot and we headed out despite it being quite warm (fortunately it clouded up soon after we left though which made it tolerable).  We headed out to Harper Lake/Davidson Mesa and even though the first 2 miles were painful, I gradually eased into it and felt OK aside from the froggy throat.

Sat:  Local 10.29 miles/418 vert./1:18:06/159 avg. HR/7:35 pace

Felt motivated to get going early before the heat of the day despite the fact that it meant the girls would have to skip their morning nap, or nap in the jogger.  Took a variety of paths to visit Allison at work and zig zagged all over town.  Went moderate most of the time and hard on occasion, sub 7 whenever it was flattish or downhill, slower if there was even a bit of uphill.  Pushing 70lbs of baby jogger around really adds to the workout and the fun.  The thought of doing similar runs without the jogger is unappealing to me, but having Amelie and Isabelle along make it way more fun.

Sun:  Green Mountain (up front, down middle)

5.15 miles/2,351 vert./1:11:44 (38:55up)/146 avg. HR Garmin Data

It was great to get out early while it was cool and quiet, felt like I had the mountain to myself.  I felt pretty sluggish though from a poor night of sleep and I think my legs were feeling the 2 previous days of pushing the jogger and some residual sickness fatigue.  Walked at least half of the ascent taking it relatively casual (if you can call running up the front side of Green casual).

Met up with GZ on the descent (he was supposed to meet me, but overslept).  Just as well, as I would have been sucking wind and unable to talk on the ascent anyways.  Headed down the mid route at an easy pace and yapped the whole way.  Good to catch up.

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