Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, 06/27/11 Green Mountain

Up/Down Front 4.01 miles/2,272 vert./1:01:19 RT (34:21 up) Garmin Data

Met Brandon for a lap on Green today.  The plan was for me to give him a head start, maybe 5 minutes or so, as to be close by the top, but we got our wires crossed (my fault) and he ended up with a bit of a larger jump on me than anticipated.  Going up seemed like a bit lot more work than last week and the stats confirm that I worked 2 bpm harder to go 47 seconds slower.  I am sure the fact that it was in the mid 80's (vs. low 60's and rainy last week) played a huge role.  My throat got pretty clogged today too and I am beginning to re-think that I might have exercised induced asthma, as I get this maybe 2/3 of the time on harder runs.  Or maybe I am just more susceptible to poor air quality (there seemed to be smoke in the air from that Lefthand fire and I did wake up this morning with a very sore throat).

So, met Brandon on the summit and took it super casual on the down.  Hung out at the lot for a few, met up with the family, where I took over possesion of the girls so Allison and Sierra could take their turn.

Oh, a few shots I took on my drive into work this morning:

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