Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday, 08/16/11

Have been a bit busy the past week with my dad being in town, kind of a "forced" taper so to speak and a overall lack of time for blogging.  Though I wish I were able to run a bit more, or at least more focused, I think it might just do me some good to take it somewhat easy.  I also keep having to remind myself that my race is on a Sunday this year and not on Saturday and adjust my taper/mindset accordingly.

Wednesday, 08/10/11

3.5 miles/185 vert./35:47

Super easy baby jogger run with Allison and Sierra.

Thursday, 08/11/11

3.5 miles/185 vert.

Even easier baby jogger walk with my dad and Sierra.

Friday, 08/12/11

Green Mountain Up Back, Down Front 4.69 miles/2,296 vert./1:11:11 (44up) 134 avg. HR

Very easy run.  It was hot and my legs felt flat from my Grays/Torreys run, not sure which was having more of an affect, but just keeping it mellow felt like the best thing.

Saturday, 08/13/11


Green Mountain Up/Down Back 5.20 miles/2,971 vert./1:12:50 (43 up) 136 avg. HR

Started around 8am, was relatively cool compared to most of my runs.  As I was walking out the door, Sierra expressed a strong interest to join, so I gladly brought her along.  I felt awesome and wanted to crank up and down the mountain, but was significantly held back by Sierra who was lagging quite a bit. (which could still be a good thing?).  Even though this was overall a very easy run, I did manage to get in a few uphill sprints.


4+ mile walk along Boulder Creek with my dad and the girls.

Sunday, 08/14/11

Local Run 4.13 miles/279 vert./31:56/7:43 pace/143 avg. HR

Was sleepy and tired all day, but got out in the evening just after it had rained.  Ran mostly on narrow and heavily overgrown singletrack near the house.  Felt alive after 5 or so minutes and put in some effort here and there, not really sprints, but definitely getting the foot speed up a bit.  Ran ~5:43 pace on the paved path for 1/2 mile or so and it felt surprisingly easy.  Was tempted to push that for longer, just because it felt good, but again I held back.

Monday, 08/15/11

Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park 7.5 miles/900 vert.

Was my dad's last day in Colorado, so we took him to RMNP for a bit of hiking to various sub alpine lakes.  Just easy walking with a 16lb baby on my back.  Was a super fun day, but we got home kind of later than hoped and there was no way to fit in a run.

Tuesday, 08/16/11
Flagstaff  4.1 miles/1255 vert./44:32/141 avg. HR

Pretty casual run and added a bit extra at the top to get an even 4+.  There was some distant thunder and by the time I got about 1/3 of the way down, it was starting to look ominous, closing in from the West, South and North.  Half way down, I began to hurry as slow as I could as there was a good bit of flash/bang.  The pouring rain felt awesome though.

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