Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday, 08/17/11 Bobolink Trail

5 miles/~8-9 min/mile pace

Ran with Allison and the girls (I made Allison push the Chariot to keep my easy effort easy).  My 305 died for some reason in the parking lot, so I had no way to track time or distance.  I mapped the run after at 5 miles though, so exactly what I wanted.  Super easy, would guess around 8-9 m/m pace and 120-130 hr.

Not sure what is up with the 305 though.  It turns on while on the charger, but shuts off as soon as I pull it off and will not turn on/stay on otherwise.  GZ suggested a mode/lap/power reset, but that did not work either.  It rained pretty hard on me yesterday, so perhaps that may have had something to do with it?

Guess this makes my wear the 305 or not decision for Sunday that much easier.

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  1. My Garmin has been flakey lately as well.

    Good luck with the marathon this weekend!! Bruce and I are headed to the springs in the morning. Any tips for our first ascent?