Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday, 10/01/11 Green Mountain

From Chautauqua
Up Mesa/3rd acc./NE/Greenman
Down Greenman/NE/1st acc./Saddle/Amphi

4.11 miles/2,426 vert./1:06:30 RT/151 avg. HR Garmin Data

Sent out the bat signal the day before and 3/4 of the invitees showed up which might be a record (at least in a long while)(Tony, Homie and Brandon).

Tony was anxious to show me how he perfected the route I introduced to him on our Tuesday hike/run up behind the 3rd Flatiron.  We went conversational pace much of the way, stopping occasionally to regroup and chat.  Brandon seemed to really be enjoying the steep trail to the back of the 3rd, then we told him that it had not really even gotten steep yet and that really seemed to excite him that much more.

Once on the Greenman Trail, Tony kicked it into the highest hiking gear I have ever seen.  I was hiking too and running occasionally, pushing hard to keep up and yo-yo-ed a bit off his pace.  He was hauling ass!  Again, we re-grouped on the summit, spending a few minutes there and then eventually headed down, taking the descent fairly casual, just talking a million words a minute all the way back.

This was one of the most enjoyable outings I have had in a long time, perfect morning, super fun route, but best yet, it was great to get out with 3 great friends whom I share so much in common.

Tony, Homie, Brandon

Homie getting after it

Brandon on a section of trail that looks steep, but is relatively benign compared to what is to come (see Garmin elevation profile)

It gets a bit steep

Return to Green after a few months away

The Masters


  1. Protip: Tell us when to smile so we don't look so retarded.

  2. Haha, love the profile, looks like we were doing some overhanging 5th-class stuff! Sorry I didn't get better pics of Brandon and Homie down in the trees, not sure what I was doing there. As always, really great getting out with you guys and sharing that kind of run w/ like-minded folks.

  3. Is there a footwear sponsorship change in the works for one of the crew?

  4. Elevation profile looks like it almost goes backwards at one point. nice!

  5. No sponsorship changes for any of the crew, I am still unsponsored and will be deferring any offers to my agent.

    Tony, how quickly you forget the overhanging 5th class section...... ;)

  6. whats up with tony's sharpie black shoes? perhaps a switch from NB to Hoka? :)

  7. Just having some photo edit fun to mess with Tony :).