Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday, 10/04/11 Green Mountain Middle Route (PR)

Up/Down Middle Route (Gregory/Greenman)
6.32 miles/2,302 vert./1:06:48 (40:05 up)/10:34 min/mi/168 avg. HR Garmin Data

I have of course run this route many times, but have only timed myself on it twice, 44:27 in the prime of my achilles injury back in Feb. on an icy trail and 43:16, going what felt to be pretty moderate on a snowy day last April.  I was sure if I gave this a solid shot, I would go under 40, so that is what I attempted today, yet came up a few seconds short.

I pushed pretty good up Gregory and my splits were decent, but I knew I was losing a bit of time once I got to the cabin (15:45).  Got to the Gregory/Ranger jct. in 19:30 (now a minute off my best to this point), yet was not too discouraged.  I pressed on and really enjoyed the fast cruising on what is now the "middle" part of the middle route.  Made the Saddle jct. in 25 even-ish, then at 30 minutes I started slacking a bit, figuring that sub-40 was in the bag easy.  Once I got to 36 minutes (near the "snow fence"), I knew I needed to pick it up and was pushing for all I was worth, but was still confident I would sneak under 40.  I rounded the last corner with ~20 seconds to go and I knew the gig was up.  I rotated my watch (I had it facing down paranoid of it getting wet in the rain) and accidentally hit the lap button, but still had 6 seconds to go and stopped it at 40:05.  Dammit.

I was a little disappointed with what I felt to be a solid effort, but a bit of lackluster time for a TT/PR effort.  I did PR by 3 or so minutes, so I guess that is good, but since that previous 43:16 was not at all a serious effort (and in the snow), this will have to stand as my current benchmark.  I have not felt particularly fit, or motivated to go fast as of late and am probably a few lbs over prime fighting weight, so I take a little comfort in that.  I still think this 40:05 is a bit soft for me and would like to think I could chop at LEAST another minute off on a better day.  Something to shoot for I guess.

On the descent, I pushed a bit and felt like I was rolling pretty decent most of the way.  All in all a very satisfying run.


1st Bridge:  2:30ish
2nd Bridge:  5:45ish
Top of Greg/1 mile mark:  13:00
Cabin:  15:45
Greenman/Ranger:  19:30
Greenman/Saddle:  25
Summit:  40:05
Finish at Gregory TH:  1:06:48


  1. PR is a PR. You just have another reason to run it again! Lemme know when you need a rabbit!

  2. is updated.