Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday, 11/12/11 Too Windy to Run and New Shoes

I should have run in the morning before it got too windy, but the planets did not align and by the time I had the time to get outside, the toilet water in the house was sloshing (seriously) and it felt like the roof was going to fly away at any moment.  This continued all day and the thought of pushing the girls around in the jogger did not seem appealing or prudent.

I am back to testing shoes again, no longer for Competitor Magazine, but now for Running Times and Triathlete Magazine.  I am guessing it would be a conflict of interest to also review those shoes here, but I just figure I will post the occasional picture and a very brief opinion (full reviews/ratings can be found later at those sources).

NB MT110.  After staring at the back of these shoes frequently on Green Mountain for nearly a year and hearing Tony boast about them being THE best shoe he has ever used, I lucked into a pair.  I have not yet had  a chance to put them to the test, but just wearing them around the neighborhood so far, they feel awesome, light and fast with a surprising amount of support and protection for such a minimal shoe.

The Flatirons approve, so how could you go wrong (no, the shoe is not made of wood)

The Erik Skaggs version

NB Trail Minimus MT00.  Scaled down even further from last years model, now a scant 4.5oz. and zero drop.  I can't really see much of a practical use for these around here in Colorado, perhaps a few grassy strides, or a soft dirt path.  I actually enjoy wearing them around the office, but I get a lot of odd stares and funny looks.  If I were still backpacking (hopefully again someday), these would be sweet to keep handy for creek crossings and around camp.

Nike Zoom Elite.  It has been ~15 years since I have run in a pair of Nikes.  These shoes did not disappoint, light and fast feeling but plenty of cush for the cement and paved paths.  Great on the smooth dirt too.

Mizuno Wave Rider 15.  A solid road training shoe, good cushion and support, a bit stiff on toe off (just a little). 

K-Swiss Blade Foot Run.  Another zero drop shoe.  Felt odd at first, almost like walking around in road bike shoes as the front almost feels higher than the back.  I almost passed these by, but am really glad I grabbed them.  Super comfy, light and are substantial enough to use as a daily trainer.  The subtle color scheme also makes them suitable for civilian use.

Inov 8 Bare X Lite 150.  Kind of a cross between Halloween and Christmas (skeletor meets candy cane?).  Yet another zero drop minimal racer.  I like the slip on/quick lace style and they are super light and comfy, but they are a bit too skimpy for me (but I have already re-homed them).

 Here is a shoe shelf shot as per GZ's request (to be fair though, the lower right 3 shelves are all Allison's shoes).  Just wait until Amelie and Isabelle start running.....


  1. Damn. Choosing your weapon must be as hard as getting over to Green Mountain.

  2. Ha, yeah, it can realy be tough sometimes.... ;). I just keep several pairs in my trunk at all times and really only have a handful of pairs that I use regularly, the remainder are on call for some special occasion down the road, or fill some sort of niche.