Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday, 11/19/11 Green Mountain

5.99 miles/3,241 vert./1:46:52/avg HR 147 Garmin Data

Started from the Gregory lot at 7:14am. Took it fairly easy up the front/NE ridge, avoiding the worst of the ice. I felt better when I got up this morning than I have the past few days, but as expected, my energy level was still a little low and I was hacking up a good bit of phlegm despite going really slow, hiking easy mostly. The cold temps and my slow pace really helped Sierra though, as we were pretty evenly matched, or she was ahead which does not happen often nowadays.

Made the summit in 41, then decided to add on a bit, so I headed down the dry Green/Bear trail to just a short ways beyond the W. Ridge jct, then unexpectedly happened upon a new route that I was eager to see for the first time, so I followed it for a while and eventually summited Green again after doing a little exploring. For the descent, I went quite easy, following my ascent route for the most part, where I saw a few other runners on upper Greenman (whom I did not recognize).

Despite not feeling great physically and the subsequent slow pace, this was a great morning to be outside, enjoy the trails with Sierra and discover some awesome new terrain.

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