Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday, 11/20/11 Green Mountain

Up Amphi/1st Access/NE/Greenman
Down Greenman/NE/Saddle/Amphi

3.26 miles/2,281 vert./1:03:21 (36 up)/146 avg HR Garmin Data

Sent out the bat signal in the morning and had a better than average turnout, with Homie, GZ, and Tony all in attendance.  Went fairly moderate on the up, stopping occasionally to regroup.  Pace was not fast, but my cold/sickness is lingering and I was trying to breath through a wad of phlegm stuck in my throat and my energy level is still a bit low (plus even on my best day, it takes extra effort to keep up with Tony AND maintain conversation).

Took it easy on the down and safely negotiated the ice on the upper mountain without incident (although I turned  around and looked back just in time to see Tony take a not so graceful digger).  It was an awesome evening and was really great spending time with 3 of my best running buds all at once.

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  1. Never knew a Green Mtn summit could be so short!! Thanks for getting me out!