Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday, 11/03/11 Green Mountain/Local Run

Up/Down Front
4.01 miles/2,295 vert./1:04:12 RT (42:10up)/avg HR 167 Garmin Data


I got a surprise (but short) window of opportunity to get away from baby duty this morning, so the race was on for a lap on Green, knowing that I could get called back at any minute.  I sped to the Gregory lot from Louisville and got cranking up the trail, knowing that the faster I went, the better the chance I had of completing my run.  I was making OK time on the lower section (for the first ~10 minutes or so), but then conditions were such for a lot of slipping, even with Microspikes, so even though I kept the effort up, my splits got worse and worse as the snow deepened and became less tracked/consolidated.  2 switchbacks from the summit, I got the call to get back to the girls, but being 3 minutes from the top, there was no way I was going to turn around.

I wasted no time and pushed pretty hard on the down (though stopping a few times to answer a few "where are you and when are you getting back" calls, so the descent was probably more in the 20 minute range).  It was awesome to get out on a bright sunny midday (I even wore shorts despite the cool temps) with all the fresh new snow and I would guess there is close to 2 feet of snow (total from both storms) on the uppermost section of mountain.  Though the splits do not really reflect it, this was a pretty solid run in the snowy conditions.


Local baby jogger run
5.54 miles/296 vert./55:59/10:06 pace

This started off as an easy 2.5 mile walk/jog to the library and back in the late afternoon, but it was nice out and the girls fell sound asleep in the Chariot, so I extended it a bit so they could get in a good nap.  I would have even gone a few extra miles, but options were a bit more limited than normal today with the recent snow and I was wearing the wrong shoes for running paved miles (testing a pair of NB Trail Minimus).

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