Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday, 11/04/11 Local Baby Jogger Run

10 miles/350 vert./77 minutes/7:51 pace/avg. HR 149

GZ met me at the house for a tour de Louisville.  Perfect day outside, sunny, warm, no breeze and we went casually moderate for the most part, just shooting the breeze the whole time.  George said he wanted to go faster for a bit near the end, so our best mile was mile 8-9 at 6:55 (though it was uphill).  We took a few laps around the block to make it an even 10, where George did some sprints and I did one (saw as fast as 4:13 pace pushing 72 lbs of baby jogger).  As always, it was great getting out with George and his company made the miles pass quickly.  Hopefully we can make this a more regular occurrence.

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  1. Officially trounced by a guy pushing a baby jogger with two kids and 37 gels. ;)

    Good seeing you.