2014 Pikes Peak Marathon

2014 Pikes Peak Marathon
2014 Pikes Peak Marathon, Ready to Rock (or be rocked)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday, 12/11/11 Green Mountain

Up/Down front
4.07 miles/2,275 vert./1:35(57 up) Garmin Data

Met Allison and Sierra for a lap on Green starting at 4pm.  Went pretty easy on the up, talking the whole way and taking in the perfect evening.  I think if she did not talk and pushed a little, she could have shaved a good 10 minutes off, as I pushed the pace a little over the last 6 or 7 minutes and she stuck to my heels pretty good.  I'm going to have to crack the whip on the up next time!

Almost the entire descent was in the dark, but was really fun with the snow, perfect trail conditions, good lighting and great company.  The knee seems to have miraculously healed as I did not feel it at all, quite a pleasant turn of events considering how a week ago I was fearing worst.


  1. Dude, don't hog all of the "miraculous healing"! I need some of that! Seriously, though, glad to see that things are feeling better for you.

  2. Thanks Tony, one of the rare times I dodged a bullet and am very grateful, I'll consider it an early Christmas gift from the mountain gods. Homie mentioned on Friday that your shin was flaring up again (confirmed by aging tracks on the usual shortcuts and now your most recent blog post). Sorry to hear this. You acknowledged your tendency to get after it a bit too much too fast, so I will not say it (well, guess I just did), but I totally get it, the enthusiasm for the hills and need to push hard and test yourself after involuntary down time. I feel for you.