Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday, 12/13/12 Green Mountain

Up/Down Front
4.06/2,285 vert./56:58 (37:17 up/19:41 down) Garmin Data

Pushed a little bit on the up at times, never really digging TOOO deep, but a solid effort all things considered.  Thought I would be a bit closer to 35 high or 36 low, but the watch got away from me a bit toward the end (actually in the middle somewhere, as I finished pretty strong).

Was not planning on going hard on the down as to not tax my still healing knee, but I was simultaneously in a hurry to get home, finish without needing a light and to test the knee just a little bit.  I was cruising pretty well and the knee was feeling good, but still not taking any chances.  I got to the Greenman/Amphi jct. ~1:45 ahead of PR descent pace which surprised me given the minimal effort (though did not surprise me too much given the great conditions).  I kept decent momentum until I dropped into the ravine crossing the spring above the 1st access jct., where it quickly got dark and I could no longer see very well to move as fast as I had been.

I did not want to give in to stopping to pull out my well stashed lights, so I just kept moving and got progressively slower as the steps got bigger and darkness closed in.  All in all a great run on a great evening despite feeling pretty out of shape.

Was also stoked that we are gaining daylight in the afternoons starting today, 1 more minute than yesterday which I have been looking forward to for months (helps a lot mentally).  The morning sunrise continues to get later and outpace the evening gains for a few more weeks though.  I refer to this table almost daily, as I am keeping close track of minutes this time of year for obvious reasons.

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  1. Well stashed lights? I hear with Tug Toner work those can be easily found.