Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday, 01/13/12 Bear Peak and Cragmoor Run

Run 1:  4.77 miles/1,203 vert./1:10 126 avg. HR  Garmin Data
Run 2:  4.48 miles/2,721 vert./1:30 RT(59 up) 152 avg. HR  Garmin Data

9.25 miles/3,924 vert./2:40

With Allison's parents at the house watching the girls, yet with a limited amount of time, Allison, Sierra and I took a run around the various trails from the Cragmoor TH including Mesa and Shanahan.  Was expecting to hike for the most part, but Allison was pushing a run the entire time.  Conditions were all over the board, from packed snow, wind drifted snow, dry trail, bulletproof ice, etc.....  The wind was cranking and although the air temperature was reasonable, I was a bit chilly the whole time and was glad I backtracked to the car early in the run to grab my jacket.

Just as we finished, I met up with GZ, as planned, for a lap on Bear, while Allison and Sierra headed home.  We went a pretty reasonable pace, casual/conversational for the most part and it was awesome to catch up with a great friend.  Microspikes were almost ineffective on the upper section above the saddle with all the wind drifted snow, it was quite the wallow and slip fest and the wind was hammering for the most part.  We spent no time on the summit and then had a great time foot skiing the down.

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