Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday, 01/12/12 Local Run and More Shoes

6.03 miles/292 vert./54:14/9:00 pace/137 avg. HR

Easy run with the baby jogger and dog.  Pace ranged anywhere from ~6:21 pace (passing, then putting distance on a person of undetermined gender, running ~7:20 pace with 2 Fi Fi ankle biter dogs).  The remainder of the run was casually strolling, walking some ice/snow sections and waiting up on Sierra.  A bit cold and breezy late in the afternoon, should have gone late morning when it was sunny and warm, but we were getting ready for a lunch date with mom.

Listened to this podcast (lifted from GZ's blog), an interview with my good friend Dave, talking about his recent 2011 UROY award.  His achievement was very well deserved simply because of his running alone, but it also could not be awarded to a nicer guy.  It was cool hearing Dave actually talk about his running, something he rarely, if ever does in person and even then it is like pulling teeth.  Congrats Dave!

Also listened to this very good podcast that I got from Jason Henrie about transition and could relate a bit being a new(ish) father learning to balance my outdoor passions and time with family.  I really like everything he had to say, but had to chuckle a bit at his somewhat naive sense of optimism.  My situation is a bit different having twins, but even with just one, it will take a while to transition to the place that he is looking for (a bit longer than he might think).  Or maybe not, perhaps he will get there right away, hard to judge as I don't know his situation.  Either way, good luck to him.

It has been a while since I have posted some of my latest shoes, so here are a few of the more recent ones:

Under Armour Charge RC Storm.  A unique shoe for sure, better than you might think, but I am still somewhat undecided on whether or not I really like them.

Nike Lunar Eclipse 2.  Very good road shoe, really digging this pair more than I expected.

K Swiss Blade Max something or other.

K Swiss Blade Max something other or other.

North Face Single Track Hayasa.  It has been a long time since I have run in a TNF shoe (2002 I think?).  I have not had the opportunity lately, nor have I really been that interested, but they really hit a home run with this one.  This is their entry into the minimalist market and I think they did a great job.  Very light (~9oz), fast, nimble etc.... but with pretty reasonable protection still.  Tread pattern could be a bit more aggressive for the steeper rougher trails, but the rubber compound is great.

Salomon XR Mission.  I have always been a Salomon fan, but I am only so/so on these.  They are comfortable, but the arch is a bit further forward than I have ever felt, but perhaps it is just the insole though (which I might swap out and see what happens).  Kind of a cross shoe that does well on a variety of surfaces.  It is definitely a solid everyday trainer, but a bit heavy to race in.

Pearlizumi Kissaki.  Supposedly their minimalist shoe, but I found them to be a little heavy and not particularly speedy.  I like the Streak II MUCH better.  The memory foam in the heel padding is unique though.

Puma Faas 800.  Awesome road trainer shoe.  Light and quick feeling, very stable, but struggle a bit in the mud.

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  1. Those K Swiss are getting beat up quite a bit now.