Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday, 01/19/12 Local Baby Jogger Run

8 miles/195 vert./1:03:24/7:55 pace/141 avg. HR

Ran some errands in the literal sense today, swinging by Runner's Roost, the supermarket and then the library.  It was over 60 today and quite nice, though a little windy at times (but nothing like last night or what was predicted for today).  Went pretty easy for the most part, with my slowest miles being a few seconds over 8:00 pace (headwind) and the fastest being 6:47 pace (tailwind where I was just letting the jogger roll on it's own with the occasional correction (yes, I had the wrist leash on as always)).

As I arrived at home and heaved the jogger into the garage, it dawned on me that the jogger was quite heavy and I realized that I should have done my shopping at King Soupers nearer to the house at mile 7 of the run, instead of Albertsons 3 miles in, but the whole thing was kind of a last minute decision.

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