Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday, 01/18/12 Longmont Run

6.03 miles/104 vert./46:33/7:43 pace/140 avg. HR Garmin Data

Easy run on the LoBo trail into Niwot and back.  Quite the steady headwind on the way out, went super easy.  Turned around and was really happy to have a good tailwind, so I upped the effort just a little bit, yet was going 1:30-2 min/mile faster.  Sweet.

Mile 1:  8:34/141 HR
Mile 2:  8:32/129 HR
Mile 3:  8:29/134 HR
Mile 4:  6:54/146 HR
Mile 5:  6:38/153 HR
Mile 6:  7:12/145 HR

Though not my favorite type of run, I am enjoying this type of run more and more.  The hardest part is just getting out the door and getting through the first mile.  The key for me, is having an MP3 player and good podcasts to listen to, as I get so preoccupied with what I am listening to, I forget that I am not running mountains (well not really, just takes the sting off and I look at it as better than NOT getting out).  Having a Garmin helps a lot as well, as it makes such runs more interesting and quantifiable.  I like that I can watch my pace in relation to HR and see how it varies depending on terrain, wind, how I feel, pushing a jogger or not, varying cadence, etc.....

Oh yeah, checked out a video on Hulu yesterday about the Costa Concordia shipwreck (operated by Carnival Cruise Lines) and was surprised by the ad from Princess Cruises that I had to watch beforehand, then got to look at the ad in the upper right of the screen.  It should read "30 seconds not enough to abandon ship?"

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