Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday, 01/03/12 Longmont Run

10.32 miles/156 vert./1:27:16/8:27 pace/134 avg HR Garmin Data

Easy run on the LoBo trail, basically a 5.16 mile warmup followed by a 5.16 mile cool down.  It was surprisingly windy out there, so I just tucked into my headphones and was absorbed in the first Adam Carolla podcast of the year.  The trail was quite muddy in spots, some snow and ice too, which added to the fun.  It was also incredibly warm as I quickly shedded the windbreaker and was wishing I had shorts on, it was definitely warm enough for them.

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  1. I was cold in the house all morning and bundled all up. Then basically had to carry all this gear as I was stripping layers 2 miles in. Sorry we couldn't meet up. Maybe sometime, you can drive over to my place and do the run from here. I will show you my roads.