Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday, 01/02/12 Green Mountain

Up/Down 1st Saddle

3.52 miles/2,495 vert./1:04:48(36:11 up/5:33 search patrol/23:03 down) Garmin Data

Good showing this afternoon with Tony, Brandon and Bill all in attendence for a 3pm start. Brandon took it out hard in his customary fashion, where he had us all huffing and puffing a bit going up Amphitheater, but once we topped out, he pulled aside and let Tony take over the pacemaking.

Tony and I got a little ahead and then waited at the 1st/Saddle junction, but somehow we ended up losing Brandon and Bill, so we kept moving up in hopes of re-connecting with them after we heard them yell from above somewhere. Fortunately, it was Tony's second ascent of the day (and he was being kind), but for my fitness level (or lack of) I felt like we were moving at a pretty good clip all the way to summit. I was definitely working beyond my fitness level, yet it somehow felt great.

We topped out and enjoyed the afternoon sun and soon Bill showed up without Brandon, so we set out searching. We soon found him on the trail a few minutes from the summit and he explained his post-holing (in shorts) adventures.

Took it somewhat easy on the down, as trail conditions are a bit tough right now, lot's of ice and variations of surface.

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  1. That was some tough hiking for a while there. Kind of thought I was lost and would have to make camp for the night.