Friday, February 3, 2012

Thursday, 02/02/12 Local Run

3.09 miles/234 vert.

Was hoping to put in some quality miles with the baby jogger, but since the girls are sick, I was under strict orders to not take them outside (even though it was sunny and 50 most of the day).  Thus, I was not able to get out until 7:45pm or so, as the blizzard was really kicking into gear.  Started with the dog, but after doing her business, she was done and just wanted to head home.  After dropping her off, I continued on, taking it pretty easy, fighting a bit of vertigo as the wind driven snow zinging past my headlamp beam made things a little bit dizzying.

Goggles and a hooded hard shell were key

View from the deck late Thursday afternoon

View from the deck Friday morning (12-15 I am guessing, hard to tell with the drifting)

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