Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday, 02/03/12 Local Run, Shoveling and the Plow Guy

2 miles/80 vert.

The ~2 feet of new snow, combined with sick babies, combined with a wife who is working on all 3 of my days off, is really taking a bite out of my running.  By the time I was able to get out (around 7:45pm), it was snowing really hard again and I decided that I would just take the dog for a quick walk and just not worry about running.

As soon as I walked out the door though, I felt invigorated.  Even though I was wearing untied shoes, jeans/street clothes and not dressed for running, I just started to run.  Soon my glasses fogged and visibility went from poor to really poor and I was just running by feel/memory of the path or just let Sierra guide me.  Ended up getting 2 miles in, which was a far cry from my original plan to go break track up Bear Peak, but at least it was SOMETHING and I did feel pretty good afterwards.

I did however get in over 2 hours of shoveling for the day, so that was a good bit of exercise.  I would have shoveled for several more hours if possible, I really love it.

"We like to say what's up guy, it's the way we say hi.  In February, it's good to know a plow guy"

(Probably best appreciated if you happen to be from the 603)

This video from Lucho inspired me to post the plow guy vid.

Majorly fogged glasses after my run

Rockin the 80's jeans (as Allison likes to tease).  My response "80's jeans, I don't get it, they are just jeans".  I am in good company, as GZ and Dave M also rock the same 80's jeans.  80's guys at heart I guess.

I stomped out a trench in the back yard for Sierra to use to go to the bathroom, otherwise she was in it to her shoulders.

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  1. 80s jeans? What is that? Those just look like pants to me. What is the problem?