Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, 03/12/12 Green Mountain

Up Front/Down NE

3.77 miles/2,284 vert./1:01:11 (38:12 up)/avg HR 145  Garmin Data

I was feeling lazy, but could not resist getting outside on a 70+ degree day.  Was very sluggish and uncoordinated, mainly a result of 2 consecutive very short nights of restless sleep (a result of the time change, coupled with having to work very early and a few other life stress things going on).  The upper half of the mountain was pretty slick and punchy, even with spikes.  Carefully descended the NE Ridge, but felt like I had two left feet, so I went super easy and careful, as conditions were a mixed bag much of the way.  Even though tired, it was quite rejuvenating to get outside.

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