Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday, 03/10/12 Sanitas/Green/Flagstaff

Sanitas Up Dakota Ridge/E. Ridge, Down S. Ridge

3.59 miles/1,326 vert./1:27/avg. HR 97  Garmin Data

Easy late morning hike with the family on a perfect bluebird calm day in the mid 60s.  We went pretty slow and stopped a lot, letting the girls soak up their surroundings and learn new words (the words "hike" and "mountain" were learned today).  Once at the hikers summit, we headed N. toward the real summit to find flatter/softer ground (with no people or dogs) so we could let them walk around and pick up sticks and pine cones.

Green/Flagstaff   Up 1st Arete/Down Ranger/Flagstaff

6 miles/2,844 vert./1:36/avg. HR 144  Garmin Data (stats from where I parked on 6th St.)

After the Sanitas hike, the timing was perfect to meet Homie for a hike/run on Green.  Showed him the always steep and interesting 1st Arete route.  Easily went up without spikes, but they were pretty handy for all of the Ranger Trail on the descent.  Hit up the true summit of Flagstaff and enjoyed nice dry trails all the way back down.  As always, a great time being out with Homie.

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