Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monday, 03/26/12 Bear Peak

Up Fern/Down Bear Canyon (from Cragmoor)

7.54 miles/3,028 vert./1:33 (45 up)/avg HR 147  Garmin Data

Was great to re-visit Fern after almost 2 months away on a nice warm day.  Legs were a little heavy and I was low on energy (have been flirting with being sick, again, for the past week, but now I think it is the real deal), though I had a great time being out on the trails.  Headed down W. Ridge and Bear Canyon which was enjoyable as always.  The wind was pretty gusty at times and I occasionally felt as though it was going to topple me over which required the occasional stop/drop, especially near the summit.

I am planning some days off from running, as I just feel like cumulative life stress, work stress, lack of sleep, being sick, injured ribs etc.... has all been conspiring against me a bit and I have felt less than ideal for about a week and a half.  Just need to hit the reset button so to speak.  Heading to Moab on Friday for a few days and have 10 days off of work total and really need it mentally.

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