Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday, 03/24/12 S. Boulder/Bear/Green and Green Again


SoBo/Bear/Green from S. Mesa
(Towhee/Shadow/W. Ridge/GreenBear/New Trail/Bear Canyon/Mesa/Bluebell)

13 miles/4,602 vert./2:52/avg. HR 149  Garmin Data

Excellent morning run with GZ, Dave, Homie, Joe G, and Jason S..  Upper SoBo was a bit of a mess with deep snow and random Winter routing and made for some interesting moments on the way down, but otherwise the trails are mostly melted out.  Met up with the Timkos on Bear saddle and summit for a chat.

We went conversational pace most of the time, but despite not going tooo hard, I was often times uncomfortable breathing due to some bruised ribs and was unable to take deep breaths and each step hurt a bit.


Green Mountain from Realization Point

3.37  miles/1,735 vert.  Garmin Data

Easy hike with the family up Ranger on a perfect afternoon.  SUPER crowded out there today, who can resist such weather?  Reluctantly carried the spikes for the very short snow section, but was very glad I did, especially for the descent (had to work around many people and rambunctious dogs).  Bumped into Kendrick and chatted with him for a bit.


  1. The whole time up Shadow I was thinking "Man, these new Cascadia treads are going to throw JV off!" ;)

    Always good seeing you/everyone.

  2. Rob - I am nearing a decision to not talk to you anymore because you never post weekly training anymore.