Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, 03/22/12 Flatirons Vista - Friday, 03/23/12 Mayhoffer Loop

Thursday, 03/22/12 Marshall/Flatirons Vista Baby Jogger Run

5.39 miles/350 vert./48:11/8:56 pace/avg. HR 147  Garmin Data

Parked at 93/128 and headed N. on the trail toward Marshall.  Attempted to run both ways along the ditch, but it was too rocky/bouncy to do anything more than walk, so bailed on that.  Back up the hill to the lot, crossed 93 and headed West under the powerlines for a bit, but simultaneously got sick of that/ran out of time and headed back.  The views are great, but the variable trail surface (soft dirt/sand/rocks or embedded rocks) and numerous gates to negotiate did not make for a good run pushing toddlers.  Oh well, I will not head back there with the jogger, but it was a nice day and worth a shot.

Friday, 03/23/12 Mayhoffer SingleTree/66th Loop Baby Jogger Run

8.24 miles/480 vert./1:08:23/8:18 pace/avg. HR 144  Garmin Data

Parked at the trailhead in Superior and ran the Mayhoffer SingleTree trail over to 66th, headed S., took a short diversion toward Marshall Lake, but as expected, was gated off.  I debated going through, but I was wearing a hunters orange hat, red shirt and there were plenty of threatening signs, so I decided it was a bad idea (as inviting as it looked though to explore).  After the girls had a snack, we then headed down the Koppenburg to W. Coal Creek and back to the trailhead.  Did a quick up/back on the Alpe d Superior, where I bumped into Shad who was out there doing hill intervals (looked painful).  Overall a pretty mellow run on a perfect day.

Love this stretch of trail, running and on a bike

Keep out!!!

Snack time.

Looking down the 17% grade Koppenburg (in very good condition, hopefully it degrades for the race on April 28th to make it interesting)

Looking back up (this is what I rode down/up/down while towing the girls on my bike last weekend)

No better time for a snooze


Bear Peak/Slab

 4th/3rd/2nd/1st Flatirons with Audubon/Notabon in the background

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