Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday, 06/04/12 Random

Funny stuff relating to the troubles going on at the Shack with Johan and the Schlecks:

A few pictures from the Bolder Boulder that I lifted from the Brightroom site:

The guy in front (who was given a little head start as to not get tripped up) had prosthetic legs below the knee.  Ran near him for much of the race, pretty amazing.

The shoes make me look fast(er than I am), but the floppy shirt makes me look like a mountain biker in a road race.

I could potentially go all Footfeathers with the right zoom/crop techniques.... ;)

My silly arm moves.

Making faces at 189 bpm.  I just noticed a B wave runner here, 35:4? or so.  Nice work.

Quit it with the watch already.

More stupid arm moves and grimacing.  Aside from the B wave runner who passed, I was mostly with A wave runners whom I had caught up to.

A final zig and a zag to the line.


  1. Couldn't remember if it was A then AA or the other way around.

    You must've placed pretty high in the sleeved shirt category. Seriously though, not bad!

  2. Hey Sean, it is A wave first, the AA a minute later.

    If only I had some guns to show off, I could rock a singlet and really shave some time! ;)

  3. GZ, I ran SuperFlag this morning too, but don't tell anyone ;).