Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year in Review Part 2: Running With Friends

Though most of my runs are solo, those times where I am able to share the trails (or bike paths) with my good friends stand out as some of my most memorable outings of the year.  Always great to talk training, racing, mountain goals, mountains, more mountains, family, shoes, mountains and a zillion other topics.  Thanks for all the great times!

Homie on Green (Feb. 4th 2012), one of the rare occasions we have worn snowshoes, most likely just to pack the trail so we have a better, more runnable trench for the following days.

Dave Mackey (David Riddle in back visiting town for a few days and joining us for a tour of Green)


Dave, Homie and Kendrick after Homie's 10th lap on Green in one day.  Almost certain to see a Mt. Lion with Kendrick along.

Me blinding the camera with my zillion lumen headlamp.

Homie on Lincoln

Not running or hiking, but this is the only shot I could find of Rob or Aron (Boulder Creek Fest)

Joe, Tony and Homie scoping out Nolan's routes on our way up Missouri Mt. in early June

GZ and Nick on the summit of Longs Peak

GZ negotiating the narrows on Longs (lookin good GZ!)

Homie, Nick and George at the Keyhole

Closing out the year on Green with Homie, GZ and Brandon


  1. This tells me that Green is always covered in snow but the higher 14ers are in the clear. :)

    Great year. Looking forward to more fun in the next lap around the sun

  2. I have no idea what Aron and I were looking at, but it must have been interesting! Homie's baclava is sexy.