Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Year in Review Part 3: Stats, PRs, Racing and a Few More Photos

Could probably have split this 2012 review into a few more parts, but wrapping up is probably the wise choice, as my mind is already way into 2013.

Stats  Almost embarrassingly skimpy numbers if compared to just about everyone else out there that I know or know of, but I fit in what I could to maintain some fitness and sanity, all the while trying my best to strike a reasonable life balance.

Garmin Data
Miles:          1,641.5
Vert.:           486,387
Activities:     285
Time:  375 hrs and 43 minutes

Weekly Mileage Avg.:  31.5
Monthly Mileage Avg.:  136.8 (High of 191 in Jan, Low of 78 in Nov.)
Monthly Vert. Avg.  40,532 (High of 52,110 in April, Low of 22,224 in August)

Total Summits:  182

Green:  131
Bear:      21
SoBo:    10
Sanitas:    6

14ers:  10
13ers:    1
12ers:    1
11ers:    1
Other:    1

PRs Set a few PRs this year as well, nothing Earth shattering, but it always feels good to improve and have a good run where everything feels dialed.  Came within a second or two of a few other PRs on a bunch of occasions.

Green RT PR from Gregory Lot: 49:19 (up/down Amphi/NE/Greenman)
Green RT PR from Chautauqua: 58:56 (up 1st access, down Amphi/NE/Greenman)
Green Mid Route: 38:08 (still feel like this one is more like a 37 high, but I had to stop for a bear in the trail)
Green Descent PR: 15:48 (down A/S/G in the snow.  Hope to lower this again this year, if conditions permit).


4 races in 2012 for me.

Bolder Boulder:  I don't take this sort of thing at all serious (not that I am that serious about other races either), it is a total lark and I really only do it because work pays for it.  Though I really sort of hate running on pavement, I do admit that I find the Bolder Boulder to be a real blast.  Just the energy and enthusiasm of 50,000+ people celebrating running over Memorial Day makes it all worth it.

I went into this race with no real goals or specific prep (aside from the now usual run of the mill baby jogger runs) and did not really place any expectations upon myself.  Just figured I would get out there and run, see how I felt and just go with it.

Surprisingly, I felt great, paced myself well and surpassed what I thought was possible.  I was really happy to set a PR and qualify for the A wave next year.  Though my time of 37:55 is relatively pedestrian, I felt good about it and might have been one of my most fulfilling running moments ever, or at least in a while.

Mt. Evans Ascent   I sign up for this every year under the guise of "good training for Pikes", but as the race draws near, I start heaping expectations upon myself and it all of a sudden becomes important.  Feeling confident in my training and still fired up from the Bolder Boulder, I thought for sure that I could PR there, place in the top ten or better, be top Master (aside from Lucho of course who I had picked for the win).  How wrong I was and this particular race had me questioning why I EVER race.  I was faking it for a little bit, but I knew that it was not my day and by the time I got to Summit Lake, I was getting passed left and right.  I became somewhat apathetic and just wanted to skulk off and give up, but I pressed on with nothing in my legs, just kind of going through the motions to get to the finish line and be done.  I nearly blazed over the summit and down the other side, thinking running back down might make me feel better, but thought better of it because of the quickly building storm clouds.  Caught a ride down with Lucho and his wife which was quite enjoyable and salvaged an otherwise lousy day.

Pikes Peak Marathon  Whether it be the Ascent, or more recently the Marathon, Pikes is what I look forward to most each year.  Buying a house in July however took precedence over any recreational activities and I spent the month leading up to the race completely consumed with gutting, renovating and preparing to move in on the last day of August.  I debated pulling out of the race, but Allison convinced me that I should just go into it with an open mind and look at it as just a fun day in the mountains.  George also talked me off the ledge on at least two occasions where I had completely convinced myself that pulling out made the most sense (thanks again George for your friendship and confidence inspiring words).  Even the day prior though, I was still not entirely sure that I would race until Dave picked me up at my house to head to the Springs.

I had an OK ascent, feeling strong, but still somewhat conservative in hopes of saving some energy for the 13 miles of downhill.  I was surprised to feel way better than I expected and felt pretty decent on the up and still good on the descent to A-Frame.  But then I started getting some bad abdominal cramps that had me alternating between loping and walking and I even stopped 2 or 3 times hoping it would subside. 

Despite the lousy descent though, I still managed to sneak in 3 minutes faster than last year (all of that gain was in the ascent), score a nice Masters trophy and a free entry for 2013.  Though I still feel as though I have room to improve, I felt quite satisfied all things considered.  Most of all, I had an amazing time just being out there running on the mountain with no real pressure and enjoyed hanging out with Dave, George and a handful of other running friends over the weekend.

Rattlesnake Ramble  This all came about on the eve of the race, as I was on baby duty, but Joey Luther's wife Heidi and her mom came to the rescue with an offer to watch the girls while I ran.  Bill, as always, put on an awesome race with tons of great prizes for the top finishers and raffle prizes.  I felt strong, ran the best I could on that day and ended up 5th place overall, scoring a top Master prize along the way (2nd Master really, as Andy Ames was second overall).

Other Adventures in Pictures  Though it seems as though I hardly ever get to the high mountains anymore or beyond the Boulder foothills (compared to life before children, this is true), looking back reminded me that I still got out for some great adventures.


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