Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday, 04/28/13 Moab

Allison and I were able to get away to Moab by ourselves for a few days while the girls stayed home with Nana and Papa.  We did a good bit of hiking and I slowly eased back into running a bit after 4 days completely off following my runs in the Grand Canyon.  My recovery is going well and I was not sore after 3 days (and never that bad aside from getting out of the car on the drive home last Sunday).  Great to get away for some Spring adventures in the desert.

Our breakfast spot up Kane Creek Valley


Explroring above the pass

Looking West toward the Colorado River


Amassa Back

Slickrock Trail

Hunter Creek

Walking under a large fallen boulder

Near Corona Arch

Portal Trail, much more efficient to hike/run

And safer on foot too (though I decided I had to time trial the descent in 16 minutes)


  1. Sweet trip and photos!! That there truck in the ditch looks like a parking blog candidate. Great that you two got to spend some quiet time for a few days in such a nice place.

  2. Thanks Tim. Let me know if you decide to use the truck photo, I also have another one from the back as well, perfect for the parking blog.

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