Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday, 05/01/13 Deez Nikes

I have been fortunate enough to be testing shoes for several magazines over the past few years and have found it to be an amazing experience, to test and review shoes long before they hit the market.  I not only enjoy getting to keep what has become a near unlimited buffet of trail and road shoes, from the most minimal 3 oz shoes, all the way up to the maximally cushioned Hokas, but I truly enjoy the process and consider myself to be a full fledged shoe geek.

Unfortunately, I don't really have the time or energy to go beyond the magazine reviews and post here on my blog (especially since all of that information is readily available in said magazines and elsewhere), but I just received two pairs of Nike trail shoes that I am particularly impressed with that I wanted to preview here.

Since I have started testing a wide variety of shoe brands in 2010, Nike quickly rose to the top of my favorite list, despite the fact that all I have gotten until recently have been road shoes.  The fit, comfort, cushioning, quality etc.. are unparalleled in my opinion and I am excited to finally be testing some Nike trail shoes.

First is the Nike Zoom Wildhorse.  I have been running in these since last week and I could not be more impressed.  In my opinion, it is the perfect balance of light weight (9oz or less I am guessing), cushioning, comfort, protection, responsiveness and traction.  I am truly impressed.

Next is the Nike Zoom Terra Kiger.  I just got these today and have yet to run in them, but if the Wildhorse is any indication, I expect that it will be similarly awesome.  Upon first glance, the upper is a bit different and the lugs are a little smaller and in a different pattern.  Initial impressions just wearing the shoe around the house, it seems to be equally comfortable and light.

If I had to come up with a complaint, both shoes have this rounded heel that seemed a little tippy at first, but not a problem once I got used to it.

Release date or toe/heel height?

Crazy colored sole.

Mmmmm..... Sticky rubber.


  1. Ha, if it's orange (or any color other than black), it ain't sticky! I've been wondering about those Kigers, heard some good things about them, but now finally seeing a good photo of them, the midsole looks surprisingly fat.

  2. Not quite as chunky in person, as the camera adds a bit as usual. Might be a bit overcush for you, but this shoe nicely fills the gap for somebody who can't sustainably run in a true minimalist shoe, yet does not want the overbuilt heavy boats that have been so popular.

  3. RAD! I can't wait until those hit the shelves. Like you I pretty much find that I like Nike's more than any other brand... and I have tried just about every shoe out there... no kidding... but unlike you I've paid for most of them!

    I have 3 pairs of the Nike Lunar Fly trail shoes (2 brand new in boxes) and love them. I can't until i can get these on my feet! thanks for posting.

    any idea when these are coming out?