Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday, 05/14/13 Mishap on Green

Had a great run up Green this afternoon.  Started from Chautauqua taking it really easy, then 10 minutes in, I started to get into a groove and started pushing a bit.  Never felt like I was going too hard, but the ascent was just flowing well and I made the summit in 39 minutes, not a PR, but not too bad considering the very slow start and how easy it all felt.

I skipped up the summit rock and past 2 college age guys sitting just a few feet below the true highest point (between the true summit and the summit cairn).  Surprised by my somewhat decent ascent time, I wanted to rip the downhill and see if I could get back to Chautauqua in under or near an hour, but as I turned to head down off the summit rock, there were two more guys coming up.

For some reason, instead of waiting and working my way around them, I started working my way down the North side of the summit rock, which is easy to get to a step half way down.  To reach the ground from that step, it either requires a short face in downclimb, or what I thought was an easy 5 foot jump to the NE.  I hopped off, but in mid air, I had a moment of hesitation and questioned where and how exactly I was going to land.  The best option was a large embedded boulder which is where I originally planned to land before I would once again have to hop the remaining foot or two to the ground, but my speed and trajectory were just a touch off and before I knew it, I came off the mid-way boulder and came crashing to the rocky ground below.

It all happened so fast and it was startling what an impact such a minor fall provided.  I was in shock, pain, disbelief and it brought back memories of really eating shit over the handlebars of my bike .  I let out a series of loud and involuntary F bombs and the guys on the summit peered over to ask if I were OK.  I tried to play it cool, but I was in a bit of shock and quite embarrassed.  I spent a bit taking inventory, trying to determine if this was something I could shake off, or if I needed some help or not.

Adrenaline had fully taken over and I knew I should not linger.  I slowly started gimping down Greenman, eager to get to the large snowbank below the final switchback I had passed on the ascent.  I stopped to clean up a little (if you see a bunch of bloody snow in the trail, that was me) and kept on moving, as I knew I had to take advantage of this adrenaline high.

I hobbled my way back, oohing and ouching the whole way, having to explain my bloody self to the occasional hiker.  I felt like a real idiot.  The car was a welcome sight and I got down just barely faster than I made it up (an accomplishment, as I was thinking I may have to head to Flagstaff road and hitch a ride).

Once I got home and started to clean up, the pain really starting to sink in.  An hour later, I was surprisingly still bleeding, but fortunately I don't think I need any stitches.  It is my kneecaps however that hurt the most and I can't bend them and can hardly stand or walk.  I don't think anything is broken (I hope), we'll see what tomorrow brings.  I'm hoping I can escape this with just a day or two off and a lesson learned.

When I walked in the door at home, my 2.5 year old daughters were telling me I need to go to the doctor and get a cast (since they have each had broken bones in the past few months).  This was pretty cute and really helped make light of it all.

This is the best picture I have of where it happened.  The rock just behind the dog on the right side of the photo is the one I tried to hop onto, but could not stick the landing.

Both knees have some bumps and swelling

Both my hands got it good too, thought I may have sprained my wrists at first, but they are just a bit strained.


  1. Between you and GZ...going to have to trade a GoPro back and forth.

    Quick recovery!

  2. Yeah, would have been funny to have it on video. This I consider to be more of a scrambling accident than running related as is so common with GZ ;).

  3. God dang, boy! Think of the hundreds of times you've scampered up and down that mtn and you get hurt at the top. Lesson learned, like you said. Looks like you need to start shaving your legs again if you're going to be getting road rash.

    Take it easy from now on, stunt man.

  4. Tim, funny you mention leg shaving, as I thought of that actually minutes after it happened as I was hobbling down the hill, planning my clean up and subsequent days of bandaging.

    Turns out that the hair is actually not that big of a deal, a small price for not having to spend all the extra time shaving (although I do admit that shaved legs look much better and make one feel faster and more aero).

    Fortunately, I am getting around OK today and I think this will just cost me one day of running.

  5. I second Tim on the leg shaving. If you're going to start falling on the trails as much as I do you might want to start shaving again. If you want to get really fancy you can shave one leg and leave the other hairy. Then you'll always feel like you're sleeping next to a smooth woman. Shit, I said too much...

  6. I AM always sleeping next to a smooth woman. The catch is that she does not want to be sleeping next to Mr. Stubble Legs (I would probably still be shaving had she not expressed her dislike of it when we first met). I shaved for so long that having hair on my legs still can feel a little ridiculous, even though it has been 15 years since I last shaved them.

  7. Falling is my job, man, yours is running fast (I did my job this week).

    That feeling of knowing you're going to hit sucks, along with the feeling of wondering what the damage is and how much time off it may cost you. Hopefully after a day you'll be on the mend.

  8. Hit the Neosporin and band-aids hard and you'll be looking good again in no time.

  9. Jeff, just don't put GZ out of business ;).

    Yeah, it is funny when you know you are going down, it happens so fast, but also seems to simultaneously happen in slow motion.

    Jason, I have a tube of healing ointment left over that I was using after my big snip 2 years ago which works really well.

    I am about to go change my dressings and take inventory, but I think I am mending well.

  10. I give this a score of 7 Zacks out of a possible ten. You could have got a lot more but the hands came away relatively unscathed. And the elbows ... I saw no shots. Some good shots of a bruised butt cheek could move your score up.

    I know exactly the hop you are talking about. I am pretty sure I have never ever hopped it for reasons covered in this post.

  11. I would go with a bit higher than 7/10, maybe 8 or 9/10, as I have upwards of 15 abrasions, both sides of one hand and one side on the other. Was not wearing bike gloves, does that add or detract points?

    1. Gloves are just smart for weenies like you and I who sit at terminals for our bread and butter.

      Okay maybe an 8. But not a 9. You have seen those folks at Pikes or Barr Trail that are a 9. I think Lucho's hole that he put in his elbow where he could see the bone was a 9.

  12. Ouch, man, quit being such a badass. You're getting old and that's what happens to us. Glad it wasn't worse. It definitely could have been.