Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday, 09/13/13 Louisville Flooding

Fortunately, today ended up being a nice day, mostly sunny with only brief showers in the morning and evening, which is allowing the water to recede a bit.  Since I had the girls with me today, I kept the flood viewing very local and did not chance heading into Boulder with all the road closures and dire warnings to stay out.

At this point, the rainfall total is up to around 15 inches and an all time record was set this week for most rainfall in 24 hours (~9+ inches) and the most in a month (~15 inches).  I can only imagine what it would be like if this happened combined with Spring runoff in May or June, or if this came as snow.

Military copters were flying over the house all day long, most likely related to the evacuation of Jamestown and Lyons residents.

Coal Creek Trail.  Coal Creek is way of in the trees and has really spilled it's banks.

Coal Creek spread out across the golf course, probably causing some severe erosion.

Even though the sun was coming out, they had to carry the umbrella.

It looks like the creek crested a few feet higher the night before

Trees toppled and cement sidewalks moved.

Coal Creek had been flowing across this entire field into an office park parking lot.  Much of the Coal Creek path is completely destroyed it appeared from what I could tell.

The irrigation canal near our house.  This normally only flows a few weeks out of the year in the Spring, but was certainly higher than I have ever seen it, maybe 6 feet deep, vs. the normal 3 feet.  This would be the only minor threat to our neighborhood if it spilled over, but would still be relatively minor.

I guess we have a new neighbor, maybe came from the foothills seeking dryer hunting grounds?

This is the most severe damage in our neighborhood, just a few doors away.

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