Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Paiute Peak and Mt. Audubon

10 miles
3,439 vert.
(Stats/Time from far end of the Eastern most lot, East of Brainard Lake)

Got out for a great little run/hike over the weekend on Paiute and Audubon.  Arrived at Brainard a bit late (8:30am-ish) and had to park in one of the last remaining spots in the large lot on the East side of the lake, which meant an extra mile each way.  No biggie, a nice warm up.

Took it fairly moderate up to Blue Lakes, then meandered a bit beyond there searching for the path of least resistance through the talus and tall willows, taking many wildflower/scenery photos along the way and enjoying the solitude.

The "route" up Paiute is steep and loose in spots and there are many different ways, but is fun and ends quite quickly (1:27 from the car), then another half hour to Audubon along the not too technical (but enjoyable) ridge.

As crowded as it was around the Brainard Lake area, there were only a few people to pass on the trail to Blue Lakes, then only 2 on the ridge between Paiute and Audubon, then a few handfuls on the descent of Audubon, so a relatively peaceful day in the hills.

Looking up at Audubon and the significant notch in the SE Ridge (have not done that route, yet)

Finally getting to see some Columbines, my favorite flower of all time.

Mt. Toll

Blue Lake


Paiute and upper Blue Lake

I debated Mt. Toll, but was a bit too pressed for time to add it.

Looking South

Audubon, 1 mile to the East

Looking North

There is a hidden class 3 route there on Toll that I need to check out soon

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  1. Great work Jeff. I did this ridge quite a few years ago and thought about doing it again on my run up Audubon a couple years ago but skipped it. Your report makes me think I should have done it; but you are much faster than me.