Sunday, May 1, 2011

5/01/11 Weekly Wrap Up

Monday 04/25/11:  Local Run 4.1 miles/371 vertical/32:17/7:52min/mile avg.

A bit harder run than the numbers indicate, mostly on narrow trails, a few fences to hop, wind etc....

Tuesday 04/26/11:  Work, dinner guests, grocery shopping, baby juggling, no run needless to say.

Wednesday 04/27/11:  Green Mountain with Footfeathers.  Up back/down front(NE).  4.44 miles/2,309 vert/1:06 moving time (43up).  Easy run mostly with a few moments of moderate.  Good to catch up with Tim.  I accidentally hit start on my 305 while loading the data, hence the long stupid straight line on the map.

Garmin Stats

Thursday 04/28/11:  Baby jogger run.  7.42 miles/264 vert./55:16/7:26 min/mile pace.  Ran from home with the girls in the jogger to have a picnic with Allison at work and then back.  They were a bit fussy which had me pushing the pace at times and the return trip was uncomfortable as my stomach was tanked with lunch. My stats would be a bit better, but about 3/4 of a mile of this route was on narrow bumpy singletrack and a bumpy field shortcut where I had to wheelie the jogger and go slow and careful to not jostle them too much.  Pace on the road was usually in the mid 6:00 range (when I was not going up a hill) which felt surprisingly reasonable pushing ~65+ lbs.  Saw a really cool coyote while cutting through the fancy neighborhood that bisects the Coal Creek Trail.  At first I thought is was a dog, then a fox, then it stood up and it was obvious.  I stopped to watch it for a while and snapped a few photos and was only ~10 feet from it at first, but then Isabelle's crying made it a bit nervous.

Friday 04/29/11 Green/Bear/SoBo 10.07 miles/4,802 vert./2:34

Got out with "Flat Stanley" (a school project that my niece is working on) and ran him around the Flatirons and over 3 peaks.  Was warm in the sun, but then while on the summits, it would cloud up and spit snow and the whole day was windy.  Went reasonably casual, stopped to take pictures and such.  Did not bring enough water and was pretty parched by the end.

Me with "Flat Stanley" (although I would name him "Dakota" if it were up to me.....)

Saturday 04/30/11 Bear/SoBo/Green  10.73 miles/4,471 vertical/2:30:01

The day was a bit nicer than advertised and although a bit chilly and was spitting snow on the peaks, it was really great to be out.  Just cruised this one, never pushing, not lagging too much either.

Garmin Stats

Sunday 05/01/11 Work, then baby party at Chuck E Cheese afterwards.  Could use a rest day anyways.  If anything changes, I'll pull a GZ and update so you will have to be on your toes and keep coming back several times per day ;).

Overall a decent week and I really enjoyed being able to get out for back to back "long"(er) runs on Friday and Saturday.  My achilles was bugging me some on Friday and I was feeling a bit discouraged, then I did not feel it a bit on Saturday, before/during/after my run and felt really encouraged.  Unfortunately though, it is a little iffy again on Sunday morning.  I vascilate between thinking I am being a whimp and just need to suck it up and get down to "business" and thinking I need to go back to biking for a while.  It just varies day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute even, a total head f#%k sometimes.


  1. Pushing start on the GPS post-run. Classic mistake. You gotta reset it right in the parking lot before you turn it off. That's my method.

    Nice coyote. I hear them but never see them. Unless they are dead.

    Thanks for the photos on Saturday. Hopefully we can run trails on Saturdays sometime instead.

  2. Reset the GPS, good idea. I have been turning it off as soon as I finish, as to not make the mistake again. Was a bit annoyed to mess up my nice clean loop on Weds.

  3. In Sport tracks, when I make that mistake - I can divide the run up and break off the extra and then delete that segment. Send me the file if you want and I will hack it and send it back to you.

    "Pull a GZ." Nice. You could just be normal and check once a month.

    Good seeing you yesterday. Cool coyote shots.

  4. Jeff...i hear you about little tweaks and twinges and whether to keep pushing or to back off. My hammy/groin strain is still lingering...i'll have a great day...then a day with the twinge. I am thinking about a two week stint on the bike to see if that helps.

    The pic of the Twins is great. They look like they are having a blast.

    Nice job on the longer runs in a row. I hope you are turning the corner in your training/recovery.