Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday, 06/24/11 Bear Peak

Up Fern/Down W. Ridge/Bear Canyon 8.07 miles/2,856 vert./1:42:26 (49:03 up)/142 avg HR Garmin Data

Was not able to get out on the trail until after 10am and by then things were warming up nicely (or not so nicely).  My legs felt a little heavy still and I was not digging the heat at all.  I was also trying out a new pair of shoes, new fuel belt and new camera, so I was a bit pre-occupied by all of this and kept the pace pretty mellow.

Love the new PI Peak 2 shoes thus far, very light, comfortable and sturdy.

Here are a few shots:

S. Boulder from Bear



I stopped numerous times on the descent for wildflower shots.  I was initially was impressed with these, until I turned around and found, what is for me, the Holy Grail of wildflowers finds.....

My favorite wildflower of all time, the Columbine

A bee is hiding in there, I tried for a better shot but it would not cooperate.

Bear from upper Bear Canyon

Dinosaur Mt.

Finally got my revenge after having my picture taken numerous times...

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  1. Ah, new toy. Nice shots. I'm guessing HD 100 or SD 1300? Careful or you'll be stopping every 5 minutes and won't get a workout like me ;)

    OSMP must get some great shots out of the those tree cameras. Lions, deer, and lots of mooning.