Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday, 06/25/11 Gross Res. Baby Jogger Run

9.4 miles/1,464 vert./1:25:38/Avg. HR 141 Garmin Data

I had been floating the idea around for a while to get up to Gross Reservoir with the baby jogger and today I talked Allison and the girls into it.

We headed up SuperFlag and parked on the E. side of the Res. and headed S. on Gross Dam Rd..  Aside from the initial uphill, it was a steep downhill for 2 miles (with plenty of loose dirt and washboard) until we crossed the creek.  Then it was a longer than expected uphill to get to the reservoir, where Allison soon became a bit impatient, thinking it was a bit too hot for the girls and too long for them to be out.  It was pretty warm and it took us ~50 minutes to go about 5 miles, so in the interest of time and efficiency, I left Allison and the girls to wait while I hurried back for the van.  I was moving well on the downhill (low 6 pace), but then the final 2 mile climb back to the car was a scorching grind with no shade and ended up taking me 35 minutes total.

Once we all reunited, we had a nice picnic near the canoe/kayak ramp, while we watched the ranger harass all the riff raff who came through (PFDs?, ID?, fishing licenses?, etc....).

About to start

Plenty of riff raff to harass (I actually applied for the job in the Spring 2009, glad it did not workout, I guess I am not quite "tough guy" enough).  You can see the very tough and athletic looking water cop just to the right of the pickup truck.  I'm being a bit harsh for whatever reason, but he was actually a pretty nice guy.

I was pretty darn tempted to take a quick swim while the water cop was out of sight, but the fine is pretty stiff from what I understand.

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  1. The rangers are, indeed, sticklers. I got stopped while running w/ Maya (dog) headed up the backside of Green on Friday. I had her misc. tags wrapped in a little neoprene holder. The ranger asked me to stop, call Maya over and remove the "green tag" from the holder. She wasn't messing around. Add that to the proposed new parking fees, and Boulder is headed off into some pretty lame territory.