Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday, 03/09/12 Local Baby Jogger Run/Coal Creek

8.64 miles/277 vert./1:12:04/8:20 pace/avg. HR 133

Overall a pretty easy run.  Headed out with the girls toward the Coal Creek Trail to meet Allison who was getting out for a lunch run.  Felt super awesome right off the bat, hardly even realizing I was pushing a jogger and really wanted to hammer, but kept things pretty mellow.

Pace varied with gradient of course, but for a 1+ long stretch of flat paved road, with no wind, I was surprised to see that I was running sub 6:30 pace with my HR hovering in the mid 140s (and not climbing), which for me is pretty decent.  Though I was looking forward to meeting Allison, I felt so great, I just wanted to keep rolling like that for 8-10 and build on it a bit.  Once I met her at mile 2.6, pace varied between 9ish and stopped to let the girls run around in the grass and look at the cows and horses in Superior.

Oh well, it is only March, so no real need for me to hammer yet, but I REALLY wanted to today.  Either way, I am confident that my base is decent for me, for this time of year.

Was planning on an afternoon run over to Davidson Mesa, but the girls napped until 4:15 and by then, it was cooling off a bit and there was a lot to do at the house.

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