Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday, 03/01/12 Local Baby Jogger Run

8.19 miles/284 vert./1:04:48/7:55 pace/avg. HR 145

Eager to explore a new route I mapped through Lafayette, I was all dressed and ready to go.  Chariot positioned for easy loading, baby jackets, hats, mittens piled at the ready, sippy cups filled and GPS watch outside acquiring satellites.  I knew I had limited time with snow in the forecast after noon, so I was eager for the girls to awake from their nap so we could get the show on the road.  Amelie awoke at 10:45, so we changed her diaper and get her ready while Isabelle slept through the commotion.  Amelie and I went out for a weather check and I was discouraged to find that it was snowing hard and seemed as though it would only get worse.

We went inside and I begrudgingly changed out of cold running uniform and back into civilian clothes, figuring the day would revolve around playing inside.  Isabelle finally awoke a half hour later and I noticed that it had stopped snowing and things were seeming a little brighter, so I quickly got changed, again, and got everyone loaded and ready to roll.

Open the garage, it is dark and snowing again.  Seriously?  Oh well, the girls were warm and fully enclosed, so it was just me who would get damp.  Once we got rolling, the snow let up, but it was a bit breezy and we passed through the occasional squall, requiring almost constant adjusting of my hat/hood/zippers and fogged sunglasses.

Turned out to be a decent run all things considered and I was glad I got out.  It was even funnier that when I got home and took the dog for a mile walk, it got really nice, warm and sunny.  That is Winter in Colorado I guess.

"Seems fine to me dad, what's the fuss?"

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  1. Cale's infancy drove me to cycling with a Burley for a few years. Whether it was because I'm not as stout as you or because we here in Colorado Springs don't believe in sidewalks is up for debate.