2014 Pikes Peak Marathon

2014 Pikes Peak Marathon
2014 Pikes Peak Marathon, Ready to Rock (or be rocked)

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday, 02/28/13

All is going well here and preparation for my intended Grand Canyon RRR on April 20th is going great.  My daughters are in pre-pre-pre-school on Tues/Thurs from 9-1, so on Thursdays I have been getting some quality runs consisting of an assortment of OSMP peaks, typically 10-12.5 miles, and 5,000 vert. or more in 2:20-2:50.  Since we got a few good (and much needed) dumpings of snow, I have happily resigned to doing laps on Green Mountain since the trails are better packed and I feel like I can get a little more out of it.  I also bring the dog with me for the second lap when I am moving a little slower which is working out great.  She appreciates the exercise and I love her company.

These runs are getting easier and easier and I plan to start upping the time a bit where I can fit it in.  Overall, intensity has been deliberately low to moderate and have been careful to not be "killing it" too early in the season, yet trying to find balance with my April plans.

Have also been getting in usual laps on Green and have been making a bit of an effort (being creative with my scheduling) to get over there a bit more so I can get some decent vertical in my legs.  For my 2010 RRR, I got in 80+k vert. in the preceding March, but that was also pre-kids and there is no way I will get that this time, so I have been trying to compensate a bit in Jan/Feb the best I can.  Either way, I think I will be ready and am confident that I can improve upon my 8:15 PR, provided conditions, weather etc. go in my favor.  Of course there are a lot of variables with a run like this, so all I can do is be well prepared and not worry about the rest.

February Stats:

52,520 vert.
145 miles
21 Green summits
3 Bear summits
2 "other" 8,500+ ft. summits
2 Flagstaff
32 hrs 57 min

Yearly Total after Feb.:

98,905 vert.
266 miles
36 Green summits
5 Bear summits
3 "other" 8,500+ ft. summits
2 Flagstaff
6 Sanitas
60 hrs 43 min


  1. Don't they shoot you in Boulder for having a dog on the trail?

    1. Don't be silly, JT. They shoot the dog (after they take 17 motion detector wilderness photos of it).

  2. I need to go sneak in another Green tonight to pull even, I guess.

  3. Brownie, yeah, it is going in that direction. When there is less snow, I avoid this by avoiding trails in general.

    Tim, I am convinced that they are softening us up with cameras under the guise of "wildlife monitoring" and will slowly transition toward enforcement of rules and regulations.

    Homie, let me know what time, I will join you ;).

  4. They're not just "dogs," they are "animal companions."

  5. That is a pretty big Feb for you though, no? Getting Green 3 out of every 4 days is pretty impressive.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, all things considered, this was a pretty decent February for me and feel like I am getting a solid base. Though vert. for the month was pretty average (or slightly above average post kids), a did collect a fair number of Green ascents (maybe the most ever in a single month?), but I had multiple days of visiting Green twice, so that skews the daily average a bit. Still, no complaints here.