Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Saturday, 10/25/14 Monster Dash

After last year's starting line debacle (poor information from the race crew) Amelie and Isabelle were eager to go back again to make right.  This year, we signed up for the medium distance, 1/2 mile out and back course (vs. the 1 block Spooky Sprint last year).  In all honesty, their main motivation was the opportunity to get dressed up as Snow White and Cinderella and parade around the streets of Louisville, but once we were there, they really seemed to be into the idea of the race.

It was really fun to lead them along and see them gut it out, surging past one another, then either blowing up, or just being courteous to wait up for each other.  There may have even been some seeds of rivalry mixed in there as well.

They said they want to race Pikes with dad next, but I had to explain they have another 12 years to wait on that one.  Plenty of time to train!

Miraculously, no pre-race trips to the potty, unlike myself, who ends up there 4 or 5 times beforehand.

"Good luck sis!"

 We bumped into their twin friends, Neve and Meadow.

Pacing themselves, being careful to not go out too fast.

Isabelle getting a gap.

Isabelle looking a little worked

A final surge, all downhill now!

The final sprint for the line (was a tie).

Proud of their accomplishment.


  1. I smell some competitiveness in there.

  2. Not sure where they got that from.

  3. They are so cute in their dresses. Love that you are out there with them.